Distance Control NOT Distance

















When I was younger I had the chance to caddie for 20 time PGA Tour winner Doug Sanders in a few events when he came out to Australia. Something he mentioned to me about iron shots has stuck with me even until this day.

"It doesn't matter how far you hit your irons so long as you learn to hit the same distance every time...There is no use hitting your 9 iron 155 yards one time and then duff it 85 yards the next shot. Ideally if you can hit your 9 iron 135 yards every time then you will be a much more consistent golfer and a tough opponent for anyone""

They don't give out prizes for the longest 8 iron- it's the final score that counts. If you can learn to be consistent with your iron distance then you will be a good golfer for a very long time. Its all about distance control- NOT distance