Can The Head Move?
















Why is keeping your head still one of the worst pieces of golfing advice you can ever receive or try to abide by?

Because it just isn't true. All the great golfers moved their head. They have to because its attached to the top of their body. If the body is moving then the head HAS to move also.

The photo above of Rory McIlroy with the trees and building in the backdrop gives a great visual of seeing that yes the head can and does in fact move.

The change of direction in transition is very dependent on loading downwards into the legs- and getting the separation of lower half bumping forward whilst the top half stays back.

All these totally correct movements make the head drop downwards. Don't avoid it.

As George Knudson once said "The head has to go where the body carries it- the head has nothing to do with the swing- it has no real purpose"