Putting & The Eyes



















When putting the ball is not lofted into the air therefore we don't have the ability to shape or alter trajectories of the way the ball works. Therefore getting ourselves into a good setup that suits our visuals is critical to being able to start the ball on our intended line and having it roll nicely towards the hole.

We often hear to get your eyes over the ball when putting. There is one fundamental flaw with this belief.

There is no other shot in golf where we build our stance in such a way that our eyes get directly over the ball. In keeping things constant it would be much more ideal to try and view a putting stroke close to how we view any other shot- with the eyes inside the ball.

The shorter the club the closer our eyes will get to being more inline with the ball and target. If your eyes get too out and over the ball the visual will alter and you will feel like you are aimed to the right, so its a much better logic to still be inside the ball looking outwards towards the target to keep the view constant throughout the bag.


Putting And The Eyes from Golf Aus on Vimeo.