Speed In The Swing- Where & Why - For Better Results














Where the true speed in the golf swing occurs has and always will be debated by golfers & instructors. It obviously make sense that we want the most speed to occur at ball strike.

The impact of club against ball will begin to slow the club down slightly so to the science minded golfer it makes sense to go fast on the way down seeing the impact will slow things down.

Alas theory is not always truth. By actually trying to go faster AFTER that impact collision acceleration becomes the ingredient and the later the acceleration the better the shaft handles the forces.

The way a golf shaft works has long been forgotten. Everyone assumes velocity is king and go fast and hope the ball gets in the way.

In this video I show you why that really doesn't work as well as it has negative influences on the golf shaft and therefore the loft- the impact spot and certainly how the body & hands behave and work at this high velocitized desire.


speedwherewhy from Golf Aus on Vimeo.