Play Golf- NOT Golf Swing















As far as controlling your game on the course this may be the hardest thing to do. Play golf and not golf swing.

Every golfer is constantly tinkering with feels and working on their game so it becomes really hard to differentiate between the two, but playing golf on the course will work better 8-9 times out of 10 than playing golf swing.

A couple of keys:

1) It's not how- it's how many. Regardless of the swing or the shots you hit, they only give out prizes for numbers on the scorecard. Have a plan and execute it. If your game is off stay focused. There is plenty of time to work on the swing after the round.

2) Swing thoughts are fine in a practice swing. By all means feel, focus, accentuate what you are trying to achieve with your swing... but when you are over the ball it all becomes about target so you can react and not stand in our own way.

3) Remember- the target is out in front of you. Pay attention to that area of the swing. You'll be amazed by how you can regain your swing and tempo and strike by focusing out ahead rather than focusing on what's behind you

4) Just like anything...practice it. Hit balls on the range with the same intent. Get behind the ball and make your practice "feel". Visualize the shot and walk in to address. Get comfortable and then use your eyes- on the target. Swing away and what comes may come.

Rinse and repeat. Devote at least the final half of every practice session to this above.

You'll also make life easier on yourself and give your mind a break from mechanics.

I remember Corey Pavin telling me once he didn't even care where his first two shots on every hole went. He was committed to creating a score no matter what and wouldn't beat himself up over a bad shot. He knew one good shot per hole could still produce a par.


playgolfnotgolfswing from Golf Aus on Vimeo.